Introduction to the course of Summer School 2023

The MU Institute of Cooperation and Development (MICD) is an initiative undertaken by a
small group of like-minded development experts and academic personalities. MICD has been
running a Master program in Cooperation and Development as a constituent of Mid-Western
University and the University of Pavia since 2013.
MICD is delighted to announce that the Summer School 2023 on Local Economic
Development will be taking place in May 2023.
The institutions supporting past Summer Schools have renewed their commitments for this
year. Integrated Local Economic Development considered as a long-term, ongoing
cooperation process including local actors and local capitals, is the main focus of the 2023
edition. It entails the management of local resources, allowing for the enhancement of social
welfare through processes of innovative change and transition.
Local Economic Development (LED) has become a crucial planning strategy for local
economies. Local Government, communities and cities all over the world are moving towards
LED strategies. The growing challenge of the globe today is that the local people are losing
their jobs due to the increase in Artificial Intelligence. This is the crucial time for local
government to focus generating local jobs through LED. The design thinking process for LED
can play a vital role to generate a local job. The Local Economic Development Summer
School will accentuate the diversity of ways that local and regional organizations can
collaborate with the private sector to boost local economies. The summer school is starting
point for the research and development on LED.

Call For Application - Summer School 2023 on Local Economic Development

The Course is designed for:

  • Representatives of Government (national, provincial and local, development agencies,
    research centres, international organisations)
  • Civil society (foundations, co-operatives, NGOs, grassroots community organisations,
    non-profit entities, etc.)
  • National and International agencies working for local economic development
  • University graduates
  • Service providers for business growth and organizations that encourage local
  • The summer school aims to be a learning opportunity to the innovative methods for
    social inclusion and employment creation.
  • Proposing an integrated approach to local development, entrepreneurship, social
    economy, employment and skills, and other economic development strategies.
  • Offering an intensive program based on local economy case studies and experts’
    contributions on the transition towards circular economy.

The program’s structure called for lectures from high level experts working in the field of
local economic development who would not only provide theoretical context and updates of
the current landscape, but also provide in-depth perspectives on their experiences, works,
and projects that have influenced the current local development scenarios and influenced
the creation of the instruments we are introducing today.
Presentation of one topic per day with theory and practical sessions, also including case
studies and field visits.
Analysis of three primary objects of the study:
1. Entrepreneurship for local economic development.
2. Case studies on the transition towards circular economy.
3. Inputs from experts.
The program is focused on practical works; participants should actively participate and
exchange information and experience.

Visit our website: to fill in the application form if you intend to enroll in
this course.

You can download the registration form from Application Form Download Section and email us the filled form at:
Applications must be submitted by April 18, 2023.
If the participation is funded by an institution a letter from the sponsoring organisation must
be submitted with the application.

For Institutional Participants: 25000 NPR
For Individual Participants: 15000 NPR

This Summer School is scheduled to be conducted between 1st May 2023 and 5th May 2023 for a period of 6 days.

Applications must be submitted by April 18, 2023.